Super Shabbat

bringing the body of Messiah together in Northwest Montana.

What is Super Shabbat?

An idea that spawned at a small home fellowship in Northwest Montana to meet with other believers in Messiah Y’shua living in the surrounding area and form one big day of amazing celebration, worship, and fellowship that we like to call a “Super Shabbat”! One could call it a conference, a holy convocation, or even a forum, but that would be boring… Quite simply, it’s going to be one of the best Shabbat experiences you’ve ever had!

Oy veh! That sounds incredible!

It is incredible! And believe me, I can feel your excitement! You’ll get to meet other believers in Messiah, eat lots of good food, join in with the live praise and worship, dance, study and midrash Torah, and fellowship ’till your heart’s content! It’s going to be a pretty laid-back environment with a loose schedule that can be molded by the Ruach Kodesh. Bring your kids, bring your shofar, bring the Challah, and bring your joyful heart!

I’m so excited!!! When do you meet?

You can check out our Events page to see when the next Super Shabbat is or head over to the Updates page for all the information you’ll need to break bread with your newfound mishpocha at the next Super Shabbat! Either way, you should definitely subscribe via email or check us out on Facebook to stay up-to-date in case plans change. You know, just in case…

But what if someone disagrees with the way I believe?

Don’t worry… Supper Shabbat is a not a place to figure out who wins at Torah. We understand that there are PLENTY of things to disagree about and argue over, like how long your Tzit tzits should be, whether or not Y’shua spoke 6 languages, does the TP go over or under, li li li li li. The purpose of this Super Shabbat is to unify, magnify, and glorify. We want to put aside our differences and come together as various parts of a fragmented body to fellowship and worship our creator YHWH together with one mind!

Wow, I’ll definitely be there!

Alright! We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us and we can’t wait to meet you! Just do us one favor, please. Head on over to the Events page and RSVP. At this point in our cyber-convo, we don’t actually know if you’re coming… After all, it’s just pretend! 😀

Shalom and see you there!

Next Super Shabbat:


Erev Shabbat
February 2nd, 2018
7pm –

February 3rd, 2018
Noon – 10 pm


Whitefish Community Center
121 E Second St, Whitefish, MT 59937

See the map!


  • Erev Shabbat Service
  • Lots of Fellowship
  • Live Music and Dance
  • Plenty of Food
  • Dance class

Get the Details

Head over to the main event page for the details and be sure to subscribe for updates!

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